the story

OZMA adornments is a story in a world of its own- fabricated by tales of courage, fear, & morality.  It is not just a label but a bundle of creations that tie into one another.  The notion of autonomy is to inspire all of us to live up to our dreams while finding sustainable happiness in doing so. OZMA brings you odd realities through images, transmuted adornments- fearlessly reminding us of a place where dreams & bitter truths can coexist, peacefully.

Each item has a story to tell & all materials are committed to being sustainable, recycled, ethically & domestically sourced.  Thriving to reuse materials as well as support small businesses OZMA is run & operated on an intimate scale.
OZMA adornments was conceived in 2012 as a response to the film Return to Oz & the original Wizard of Oz books.  Founded in NYC by a young woman, who was born & raised in the Penna Dutch region where she began exploring creatively.  First through photography & the ruins of society, then followed by the intricate fascinations of jewelry design, together her love for both mediums support one & other.
OZMA currently resides in the high deserts of southern California. Nomadic by nature, pursuing jewelry design among exploration. Each fascination supports the entire journey. Follow on social media to keep up with the woven path.